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Really? How would you see an expanding balloon in a very large opaque jar? How would you see a cylinder that was increasing in length if you were looking at it end-on? There are quite a few scenarios where something may be seen to be expanding from the inside, but not from the outside.

You make a good point about the cylinder (though not good enough, which I'll explain further ahead), but not the balloon. In the balloon scenario, you're not just outside the balloon; there's an opaque barrier between you and the balloon. A barrier, I might add, that hasn't been proven to exist in black holes. As for the cylinder, you haven't taken into account the fact that black holes spin (or at least we think they do), yet there hasn't been any observation of one expanding.

It's the fallacy of the excluded middle.

Never heard of it. Mind telling me what that is?

No special pleading required; as above, it doesn't apply to every conceivable scenario.

True. I concede that.

On the contrary, what you're saying is "Everything we can (currently) observe is limited, therefore my explanation[1] is true".
 1. In this case, "No actual infinities exist".

Again, no. I'm concluding something based on observation.
We're going to disagree on this, no matter what either of us says. If you want, we can keep going back and forth with this, but I'd rather not waste my time.
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