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Mrjason wins.

I think alcohol is the same as the english so I'm ruling that out.
I'm going for 1st and second options as it seems logical that they could be interchangeable...

Sentence: Fogo é o elemento favorito do Um Acima de Todos.
Translation: Fire is the One Above All's favorite element.
Note: "One Above All" can mean both "Um Acima de Todos" and "Um Sobre Todos". I picked one at random, as I could not decide between them. And yes, I know names aren't translatable. I'm just letting you know what the Portuguese equivalent would be.
The difference between "Sobre" and "Acima de" is simple. "Acima de" (usually) implies that one is physically above something/someone else, but not placed on top of something/someone else. "Sobre" (usually) means that it's physically on top of something/someone else; literally placed on something else. However, in this context, there is no difference (that I'm aware of).
As for "alcohol", the Portuguese word is "√°lcool".

Next word: Cigarra

Meaning in English:
  • Cigar (male)
  • Cigar (female)
  • Cigarette (male)
  • Cigarette (female)
  • Cicada
  • The first and second options
  • The third and fourth options
  • The first and third options
  • The second and fourth options
  • The first, second, third and fourth options
  • None of the above
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