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No, that's proper.  Lock and load.   :D

Thanks for the info. Don't expect much, though. I'm also in the middle of writing one of my stories.

There is only one God who created man and the universe.

Prove it.
Assuming you can[1], you might want to explain why:
  • About 100% of the universe will kill any human just from existing in the wrong place at any time.
  • Evil exists.
  • That god does not require a creator.
  • That god is named "God".
  • That god is a male.

He loves us all

I can just feel the love. Do me a favor: tell your god to hate us. Maybe then he'll get his shit together and do the right thing.[2]

and only wants a loving relationship with each of us.

Great. Have him call me back. He's several years late on that.
If he wants a loving relationship, what's stopping him? Isn't he omnipotent? Because if he's not, you might as well stop trying to convert me right now. I will not bow down to anything less than what I consider perfect.

He created a perfect atmosphere for Adam and Eve and had a perfect relationship with them until they severely damaged that relationship by sinning in the form of disobeying God.

...And you don't see the problem with that? How does perfect become imperfect? In fact, how does perfect even change? Perfection cannot change, or it will become imperfect. That's what "perfect" means.

This created a separation from God for all future generations.

So an omnipotent god was stopped in his tracks by a magical talking snake (that he created, by the way) who convinced a woman made from a rib to eat an apple from a magical tree? And then said woman convinced the man made from dust, her mate, to eat from that very tree, giving him knowledge of good and evil as well. Afterward, your god got so scared that they would eat from the magical tree of eternal life (that he didn't prohibit them from eating from, if I might add) that he kicked them out of the magical garden after conferring with the other gods (who clearly outrank him). And you don't question any bit of this story? Amazing.

In order to restore that relationship God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins.

So there is no separation anymore? Then what's keeping your god from appearing to, say... all atheists in the world? Is he not omnipotent?

On the third day Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to about 500 different people over 40 days.

Zombies are old news. People have been scared of zombies since before we had the term.

God's only requirement for restoration and eternal life (as Jesus experienced as the first example and proof of what we can expect) is that we believe that He sent His only Son to die for our sins in our heart of hearts.

So there is a separation? Make up your mind!
Also, why would he give us eternal life, given that he was so scared of Adam and Eve attaining it?

In order to give no one an excuse, He gave us the Bible,

Full of contradictions, plot holes and utterly inconsistent with all available evidence.

personal testimonies,

Useless as evidence. I can probably gather a dozen people who will swear that I'm a god. Does that make it true? No.[3]

our conscience,

Which is a product of evolution, as evidenced by the fact that tons of animals with brains have consciences.

the obvious proof of creation,

Oh? Wanna give us a hint? What's that "obvious proof of creation"?

and periodically exposing most of us to the Gospel throughout out our lives.

I expose all of you to oxygen during all of your lives. Me: 1 Your god: 0

For the people who choose not to believe He will simply respect the decision we made here on Earth and allow us to continue on to hell.

Yes. A rapist also gives their victim the option between being raped and death (possibly followed by rape of their corpse). But they're giving their victims a choice. Definitely.

I'm begging each of you from the bottom of my heart to continue searching for truth in this world. Track it down, never stop researching. Keep an open mind to everything until it's proven impossible to you personally.

I searched for the truth. I have found the truth. The truth is that there are no gods.

If you do this with an open mind you will end up at the cross as I did.

Bullshit. Plain and simple. What you mean by "open mind" is nothing of the sort. You want us to turn off the logic portion of our brains and accept all bullshit that has been shoved down our throats by religious people for millennia.
Would you be convinced if I made the same argument for, say, Islam? If not, why not? Analyze that and you'll see why I think your argument is bullshit.

May the peace of Christ rule in your hearts!

Go fuck yourself with a cactus. That's my response. Your "Christ" is about as peaceful as Hitler.
 1. And note that I will smite you for ignoring the first sentence and responding only to this one.
 2. If you're an atheist, you can probably guess what Justin Obriecht's response to this will be. I know I can.
 3. Although it is true.
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