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To me, it seemed like Joe was making generalizations that are backed up by the majority of the population. Of course he knows there are exceptions.

To me, it seemed like joebbowers was making blanket statements based on the false-consensus effect. Based on his personality, I feel confident in my view.

If you could clarify, that would be great.

Arousal is involuntary, as are emotions. The thing (one of them anyway) that separates us from other great apes is that we choose not to listen to emotions. Just because your dick is hard doesn't mean you have to stick it somewhere and hump until it's not hard anymore. Teenagers (whether due to hormonal changes or social conditioning) seem to disagree with that, as do apes. Apes (and living beings in general) live and survive with the express purpose of continuing their species. Now do you get my comparison?
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