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Actually, I don't know how I can become a public figure if not because what I said. I believe it should be impossible...! :P

Trust me, you will always be remembered as an egocentric idiot.
Or maybe not. I could be wrong. But your idiocy will remain on this forum for as long as the forum itself remains here.

See... this is me and my wife:



I just took an article and copy pasted it.

Did you know that plagiarism is a crime?

Also, I was not well informed on that particular matter.

Noshit. Creationists are never well informed. Otherwise they wouldn't be creationists.

You know? I am surprised by the huge attention I've got since I came here,

It's not every day we get people with your combo of idiocy and egocentrism. Interestingly enough, I think that when we do get people like you, they're always theists.

it is the same in real life, also, mostly I get rejected pretty fast by people.

I wonder why...

Man, pardon me if this reply is not serious enough, I'm bored and not interested in "proving" anything.

We know that. You've made it pretty clear since post #1.
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