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There are 4 primary attribute that describe what God would be. If any of these attributes are found in one force, then we can continue on, to see if God is real.

Stop right there. Even if we find a force that has attributes you ascribe to your god, that doesn't mean anything. Forces are not sentient. They exist because of the laws of physics. A god is supposed to be sentient.

1) Eternal, not involved with the flow of our time.

Impossible. Time is a necessity for existence, or at least for interaction. If your god is a "force", as you say, then it cannot be "outside of time", whatever the hell that means.

2) Omnipresent, found everywhere.

Impossible. For something to be everywhere, it needs to be everything. If your god is a force, then it is not everywhere.

3) Omnipotent, all powerful.

Impossible. The [wiki]Omnipotence paradox[/wiki] effectively destroys any claims that a being can be all powerful.

4) Omniscient, having all knowledge.

Impossible. We know of random events (events that are impossible to predict), as stated in the [wiki]Uncertainty principle[/wiki]. Omniscience is a practical impossibility.

In "Signal Travels Father And Faster Than Light", by Malcom W. Browne, a force was found conecting two freed electrons and proven to be eternal, was present within our time, yet was not involved with the flow of our time. This eternal force connects with all freed electrons. Every particle that releases energy connects to this eternal force.

You mean quantum entanglement? It most certainly is present within our time, and it does not connect with all freed electrons. From my understanding, when two electrons, for example[1], collide, one will always have the opposite spin of the other. Basically they follow the law of conservation of momentum to the letter, even when separated. If one is going faster, one is going more slowly (in accordance to the speed at which they separated, IIRC). This "force", as you call it, is not eternal (by your definition) and is not omnipresent.

In experiments by Russian scientists, they found at http://www.quantumbalancing.com/news/russian_dna.htm that laser photons knew when a DNA molecule was added into the vacoom. The photons/electrons collected around the DNA strand and began to change the order of the DNA, changing it to what it desired (Evolution?). After the DNA was removed and the laser turned off the excess photons remained in the position resembling the DNA for over 22 minutes.

Where do I start...
First of all, that entire article is BS. DNA is not language any more than my farts are classical music. DNA is a molecule. It's as simple as that. Second of all, what you said is not even present in the article. Third, the very notion that what you said is true is retarded. Photons don't stop moving; not even in very low temperatures. And finally, that article is... well, it's retarded.[2] "Vacuum domains are self-radiant balls of ionized gas that contain considerable amounts of energy"? Seriously? Vacuum has nothing even resembling atoms or ions. Whoever wrote that article needs to go back to school. Or go to school in the first place. I know of no student who would even suggest the existence of something even close to a gas in vacuum. It's oxymoronic.
Come back with a new source. One with less idiocy and more facts.

The easiest way to prove this force is omnipotent

Wasn't the "force" the quantum entanglement you described earlier? You know, the one that is neither omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient or even sentient?

Visual evidence is seen in the distance of stars and galaxies across the universe. Acording to the first law of thermodinamycs energy cannot be created or destroyed. Then where did all the energy in our universe came from? Does it have anything to do with this same force being timeless?

There are these things called "virtual particles" that pop up everywhere and disappear shortly afterward. That's a possible source for all the matter and energy of the universe. There's also gravity, which is always a negative force (decreases energy, thereby making the total energy of the universe 0, which means that it can appear from "nothing").
Also, if mass and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, where did your god come from? By the way, does your god have a name? All of this "your god" stuff is really tiring. Clearly it's not YHWH. YHWH made everything in 6 days about 10,000 years ago, and we know that the universe is way older than that.

See the Unified Field theory and Universal Consciousness. The discovery of the 5th Generation computer by Vogelsang in 1982 was evidence to this single intelligent all knowing consciousness. The universe is alive, self aware. All things are a portion of this consciousness which gives life to the universe. The Great Omniscient Designer(GOD). Designer because this consciousness is self aware.

I would see everything after "Unified Field theory", but I have no reason to. If you wish to argue, post it in your own words. Or quote with the source. I'm not going to do your research for you, especially when your entire post is one enormous non-sequitur.

Now, here's why your post is a non-sequitur:
You start off with some unsupported claims (by the way, you should really support those) that "My god is this" and "My god is that", and then you go on to say "If my god is this and that and if this is also this and that, it means that this is my god". You continue into your incoherent (as I explained above, none of those things are even possible) ramble by saying that one force is somehow sentient, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, also without any evidence. You made a few references to some experiments, most of which are utter nonsense (you should study some physics; it would really help you understand just how idiotic your claims are) which, even if true, would prove nothing, since they don't relate to quantum entanglement.

In short, it's as if you grabbed three puzzles and put them all together into one, resulting in an incoherent mess of mismatching images and Cubist-like painting.[3]

This debate is NOT about the veracity of the content of the bible, but about the existence or non existence of God.

WHICH god? If it's YHWH, then the Bible is all you have to go on. There is NO other piece of unambiguous writing referring to YHWH. The universe is no more proof of YHWH than it is of Odin, the All-Father.

EDIT: Almost forgot. I snipped a large portion of your post (the one with the videos) because I already explained that quantum entanglement is not a god twice in this post. I wouldn't want to do it a third time. I'm running out of analogies to explain how wrong you are.
 1. It's not limited to electrons.
 2. I know I've said this before. The fact that I'm repeating myself should show you just how retarded it is.
 3. Note that I have nothing against the Cubism movement. It's just an analogy.
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