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I think you have come to the point of trolling now,

I tend not to troll people I don't know and, if I do, it's usually to make them laugh. Are you laughing?

honestly I know 12 year olds that could point out your false presumptions about what it says in the bible.

Honestly I don't know a single christian who has read the entire Bible. You appear to be one of them. Do you mind providing quotes proving that I'm wrong?

Seeing God's hand at work =/= raising someone from the dead.

You don't say? If you are the one who's getting it right and everyone else is getting it wrong, then you must be a prophet. If you are a prophet, then you must be able to do things better than what Jesus did. Do it, or you will prove that you are, in fact, a false prophet.

I wasn't even talking about that, you completely diverted onto another subject.


Your black and white idea of either seeing it as clear as day and not seeing it at all is to close minded.

My mistake then.

The human mind if flawed, especially when it comes to supernatural.

And yet your mind seems to be perfectly in tune with the supernatural! So, heal the sick, walk on water whilst turning it into wine and show us your power, oh mighty prophet.

All I am saying is that some will claim to see it when they haven't and that some will claim to not have seen it when they have.

Let me translate this:
Some will be idiots and think that an event is supernatural while others will realize that the supernatural is most likely bogus and find a logical explanation for the event.

Whether or not they have or haven't is always black and white, the part about them being unsure about whether they have or have not is the shade of gray when it comes to our own minds comprehension.

You either see something or you don't. There is no inbet-
Seriously? Do you ACTUALLY believe this nonsense?

He did, he fed the five thousand in front of 5000 people (alongside many other miracles). They even recorded it in a book, of course, you don't believe he did that because it was supernatural, therefore couldn't have happened.

Is my response. Prove that your book is better than the Qur'an or start worshiping Allah. And Odin. And Thor. And Zeus. And Zao Shen. And (...)

What if I pray to not die in my sleep? Would that be an answer to prayer if I didn't?

What if I pray for gravity to work? Would that be an answer to a prayer if it did?

What about praying for your child to be cured of a disease? Would that be an answer to prayer if they were indeed cured?

What if I prayed that my digestive system worked? Would that be an answer to a prayer if it did indeed work?

Once again, you can't prove that they haven't been answered prayers.

Not with such lame examples. If all your god is capable of doing are natural events, then it is pathetically powerless.

Bring up my faulty arguments against evolution if you want, but not at one point did I say "Evolution isn't true because it's not in the bible.", I did state that they contradicted them-self, but that was only as a response to another poster asking for a contradiction.

I'm just gonna drop this. You have repeatedly shown your ignorance about evolution anyway.

This statement makes no sense, once again, we are dealing within the realm of God existing and I am giving answers as to why God would do some things. If God created man, then God can't be proven to be not real by mans laws. Supernatural =/= imaginary.

Let me get this straight - lack of evidence is evidence?


See the "answered prayers" bit.


And here we go again with "you can't apply logic to my god, therefore it exists".

I'm pulling out of this discussion. You are not worth my time.
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