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but you are proving MY point, albeit unintentionally. God wrote His law on their hearts. It's no shock they sound similar to Christianity.

Unfortunately for your hypothesis, all three of the philosophies that I cited -- Buddhism, Daoism and Hinduism -- predate Christianity by a minimum of 500 years.  (Buddhism and Daoism are contemporaries, circa 500 BCE; Hinduism is considerably older.)

Perhaps My elder sister, the Bodhisattva Guan Shi Yin, is the One with the cardiac stencil and marking pen.  Or perhaps it's the Dao itself, personified as the Great Unity.  Or Vishnu, perhaps -- Definitely a caring chap.  Why do you think it's your god?

The Book of Genesis was written in 900 B.C.

Just wondering how the date 900 B.C. was arrived at for the composition of Genesis. 

Ever curious,


My speculation is that he, or somebody pulled it out of his ass.
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