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It would be a waste of time.  Fundies like that will simply throw stories around about already debunked 'miracles' and demand that you re-debunk them each and every time in excruciating detail that they're not willing to go into to 'prove' their validity.

Finally, if they bother staying around that long rather than just wall posting a list of 'miracles' and running off to claim victory they'll proclaim that we're all too stupid to understand the light of god and how badly they feel for us.

The truth is, true fundies don't care if they're right or not, they *feel* it and that's good enough for them.  You can't use logic and reason to appeal to an emotional and unreasonable position.  Whether Robertson is a true fundy, or just cynical enough to know not to hurt his cash cow doesn't really matter since the end result is the same.
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