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I just want to see the reactions to my topic, whether they are of disgust, approbation, or approval. I know it is legally wrong here in the US but what about other cultures where it is permitted?

Yes, it's wrong.  From a physical standpoint and from an intellectual standpoint.

While there are moral and legal considerations, not to mention the usual infestation of religious ideology, the main problem as I see it is that young girls are not fully physically developed at that age.  Their bodies can be very easily damaged by the whole process of of impregnation and birth.

Putting aside age issues, or rather ignore them for the moment, I'd say that post, or even late puberty is really the only time becomes acceptable from the physical standpoint.

On the intellectual side, it's my opinion that kids shouldn't be having kids.  People who are not mature enough to accept the mantle and responsibility of adulthood generally speaking make poor parents.  People who have not established a viable means of actually caring for their own offspring, depending on the largess of others are essentially gambling on generosity to raise their children.

Sure, it happens all the time, there are plenty of stories of young, poor mothers who raise perfectly decent children that go on to become successful.  That's kind of the exception though.  As a rule, successful well educated parents tend to raise successful well educated kids.
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