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I love this place..have for a long time..but you guys really hate newcomers..lol..

I would say rather that, in general you get what you give.
If you're prone to giving thoughtful input on whatever topic you're posting on generally speaking you'll get it back.  There is a caveat to that though, and that is that as a new member you're stepping into a forum about religion with members who've been arguing this stuff for years.
If you're new to debating religion, or even politics take a bit to observe before jumping in with both feet.  People here have seen so many repetitions of the same arguments over and over that they tend to snap when they see them.  It may be that the whole idea of say, St. Anselms proof, or Pascals wager is new and fresh to you, like a loaf from the oven.  I assure you however, that it's been covered.
Try to realize this, and approach the topic from that angle.  Not doing this is probably the most frequent mistake that I see new members make, and also the most likely place that you'll see a shark tank spontaneously form.
Some members are just randomly confrontational, like Nam for example.  He is capable of advancing a fairly strong argument when it suits him, but also prone to nitpicking, as demonstrated in this thread.
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