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Thank you Madbunny,

I don't have time tonight for letting what you say sink in to give a thoughtful reply. I will say that I personally can't bring myself to view the Democrat party as the "good guys" and the Republican party as the "bad guys". The closet I can get at the moment is "good cop, bad cop" and we are all potential subjects suspects.

You don't have to think of them as the 'good guys' only to realize they're not the 'bad guys' this time around. 

Let me give you a simple example.  I have a coworker he hates Obamacare with a weird passion  .He has a daughter that's early 20's, lives in bakersfield for some reason.  I know right?  Bakersfield.  She's on his health insurance.  I pointed out that because of Obamacare his daughter can remain on his insurance (which he liked) or that because of the way the new exchanges were set up she could shop for cheap coverage and see right up front if she qualifies for price cuts/subsidies (which he liked).  Then he complained about the high deductible, until I pointed out that if he's smart and simply invests the difference in his own pocket (bank/HSA/investments/whatever) he'll save much more in the long run since he doesn't use insurance that often.  Also it'll be in his pocket instead of somebody else's.  Or just get a low deductible plan, like what he has now.

He still hates Obamacare, just doesn't know why.

Who's the bad guy in this scenario?  The person who told him that he has to hate Obamacare no matter what. 
That's the bad guy.  My friend who hates Obamacare, is doing so to his own detriment.
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