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ok, so roughly, the average woman has aprox 600 periods in her child bearing years, give or take a handful for various reasons...that's not millions or billions of eggs. at some point, we do run out. it's not doritos in there, we can't just make more..if they're not already there. 
abortions,& miscarriages aren't always bad things. sometimes, of course they're very bad. but if a child, molested by her uncle ends up pregnant, and has a miscarriage because her body isn't yet able to sustain another life, though able to get pregnant, is that such a horrible thing? if she continues to be pregnant and regrets the child, and abused or neglects the child, who in turn becomes some little nightmare of a shit once grown and causes all sorts of chaos, and trouble, rapes in turn, does worse..it would seem to me it would be better to just nip it in the bud as soon as possible.fyi, not everyone SHOULD have children, and maybe they know that about themselves...and accidents happen. it should always be an option, not that one has to use it, but for crap sakes don't limit a woman and what she can do with her body. choose to not use it. awesome. don't tell someone else what they can or can't do to their own body.
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