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alright, alright...here's the story..
my daughter found her bug box outside with a wasp inside it, alive, it flew in apparently and she had shut the lid in time to catch it. then she added the ant...followed by the spider.
immediatly, insanity happens.
spider starts off wizzing around the box with his web..at a breakneck pace.
right away, wasp flys up, and the two of them get into it, wasp pulls a leg off spider! spider retreats..
wasp still stuck in the web, alive, but pissed off.
ant sees wounded spider and makes his move. ant goes crazy and pulls off second and third legs on spider
then goes to wasp and promptly removes both wings. wasp was severly disabled at this point and didn't do much of anything from there on. wasp did not win.
spider, not giving up, sorta flopping around though, trying to make web, and sucking miserably at it. trying to catch up ant in his web and actually did a couple times, however, ant had no one all over him ripping his body to bits like spider did, and wasp did, and did free himself. i had thought it was all over for ant at that point, and i had lost my money, but the lil guy got back in there, and systematically went around and pulled off every remaining leg on spider, leaving him a small ball of fluff on the bottom of the box. spider did not win.
ant is the victor, and i would say he earned his freedom that day by kicking the asss of two fierce players killed in action that day.
those who bet on spider or wasp...pay up ;)
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