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After people around me converting to Christians and putting pressure on me every day to convert I got stress and anxiety problems.

Hi, have you considered seeing a health professional. Lots of people in life try to sell products you do
Not want to buy. that is normal

Being anxious about it does nit sound normal. I cant diagnose anxiety disorder but in addition to "normal"
Anxiety, people do experience biological anxiety

Let's imagine that a salesperson comes to your door. This salesperson has a magnificent product they want to sell you, and they believe in their heart that it is the one product that you truly need above all others. You're not really sure what it does, apparently it can clean the kitchen, do the dishes, do the laundry, and many other things. You're aware this is bullshit, because there is no product that can by itself replace every appliance in your home.

Now imagine that as you go to close the door, you turn behind you and find your entire family standing there in disbelief and perhaps anger at the fact that you are refusing this great product. Nervously, you look at the salesperson again, but suddenly your entire neighborhood has appeared behind the salesperson, eagerly awaiting you to make your decision. Among that huge crowd is your boss, and he's looking at you disapprovingly. If you don't buy this product, you can lose your job, not to mention your reputation among practically everyone you know could plummet. On top of all that, the cost of the product is signing a contract entitling the salesperson to a lobotomy, and the "lobotomee" is YOU.

Does this sound like a normal goddamn sale to you? Does this sound like typical solicitation, of physical products, opinions, or otherwise? Christianity is not Girl Scout cookies.
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