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So Grog, you're implying Lucifer discovered his argument by himself? cool... let's see what else he discovered, and good luck on bringing Lord Anthony Horton in here, and good luck at disproving him, while so far neither of you seem able to disprove my very first argument.

I'm not implying anything. Lucifer presented his original argument. He's not the first person to ever come up with the individual points in the argument I'm sure, but he's almost certainly the first person to synthesize them into that exact form. That's the whole point of a debate - presenting your argument. Lucifer presented his argument, and you presented somebody else's. If you don't think that's wrong, then the next time you have a paper or a report wrong, just copy somebody else's, put a cite at the bottom, i.e., "I copied this verbatim from http://whatever," and see what grade you get for the work.

As for "your" argument, it appears to be nothing more than a god of the gaps argument. In short, "we can't explain how X works (yet!), therefore god!" People have been making this argument for thousands of years, and in every case where the cause for X has been explained, the answer has been "not god." The author of the arguments also shows a poor grasp of physics, and several of his points are incorrect. His explanation of the uncertainty principle is incomplete at best; The statement about the 1st law has been shown to be incorrect; There is no indication at this point that quantum entanglement transfers any information; We do see hot gas at the beginning of the universe - it's called the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation; A 12.8 billion year old galaxy is still 1 billion years after the Big Bang. My favorite bit is that after going on and on about "freed electrons" is a computer based on the decay of Am-241, which is an alpha emitter.

As for your reply to Lucifer, you admit (practically gloat) that there are errors throughout the Bible, and in many cases things were changed intentionally, but then you assert without a shred of evidence that it still contains the path to salvation.If I had a physics book that was constantly telling me things like E=mc3, F=mb, or V=IR2, I would determine that it was crap and throw it in the garbage. The Bible tells us that the Earth was created in 6 days, snakes and donkeys talk, a flood once covered the entire world and killed everything, bats are birds, mating goats in front of a striped pole produces striped offspring, demons cause sickness, Pi=3, and all sorts of nonsense that has been shown to be wrong. Therefore, if you can't explain why we should trust the other parts of it, it should rightfully be thrown in the garbage pail of history, along with all mentions of the ancient bronze-age tribal god YHWH.
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