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You think there is free will because we are able to make different choices in what appear to be similar situations.  I've pointed out how this has nothing to do with free will as the situations are not the same ones.

I think there is free will because the common usage meaning of the term is the ability to act at one’s own discretion and in the pragmatic sense that is exactly what we do in everyday life. I also think this insistence by some here that there is no free will or that it is an illusion is based on an overly pedantic interpretation of the situation. It reminds me of people who, upon first learning about atoms, will argue that things we call solid in everyday life are really mostly empty space. It may be true in a strictly theoretical sense, but that isn’t how people behave in everyday life.

Being an atheist does not preclude religious beliefs.  Scientologists, for example, are atheists (they believe in no deities) who have religious beliefs.  Homeopathy is a religious belief.  Reincarnation is a religious belief.  Neither of these require belief in deities, either.

Your belief in free will is similarly religious.

Religious, as it applies to beliefs, means forming part of someone’s faith in a divine being. Here is what you said:
Your religious beliefs are demonstrably untrue.  That you believe we cannot be good without them is typical of believers in many religious traditions.
That unwarranted assumption that I believe people cannot be good without my religious beliefs makes no sense at all in the context of free will. It looks more like you mistook me for a religious believer, probably a Christian. Now, you appear to be struggling to mask that mistake with red herrings. “Homeopathy is a religious belief.” Please.

A non sequitur fallacy would be if I was using your religiosity as a premise to an argument against your position.  I am not.  I am brining it up for your own benefit.

Oh please. Just stop it.

As for signing contracts, the "free will" to sign them legally is not the same concept we're talking about in this thread.

It’s the same concept of free will I’m talking about, which is the ability to act at one’s own discretion. That is what the law means when it says people entering into contracts must do so of their own free will.
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