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Great, give me a reason to believe that... You are claiming that quantum uncertainty transcends causation, So back up your argument... Why does it transcend causation??

Let’s examine your OP again and I’ll point out where you are wrong.

However, there is no natural way to create a random event.

This is wrong. I showed you right there in that post of mine you quoted that there are natural ways to generate random events. Thermal noise and radioactive decay both generate random events.

Random does not exist in nature, it is a purely human concept that more refers to our inability to predict.

This is wrong. Randomness does exist in nature, as I’ve already explained. You also appear to be confusing randomness with causation. Random doesn’t mean uncaused; it means unpredictable.

This then implies that every thing that has ever happened is the effect of previous events. There is no chance.

This is wrong. There is chance. It is due to the randomness caused by quantum uncertainty.

The entirety of human history is defined by how the big bang went of and how the hydrogen came together into the original stars.

This is wrong. The entirety of human history is not defined by a chain of unbroken events extending back to the big bang. Quantum uncertainty causes random events right now—every second—and some of those events affect human affairs and your decisions every day.

Every thought you are currently happening has no meaning it is simply a chemical reaction and a result of previous events.

This is wrong. Those chemical reactions and electrical impulses that form your thoughts are influenced to some extent by thermal noise, a random process. It could determine whether individual neurons fire or not. In cases where two choices have equal potential, it could influence your choice.

So this brings us to free will, every action you have and will take has been predetermined by nature. You can try and break that by doing something random, but you are unable it is simply action and reaction. We cannot change the future, because the future is already been determined.

This is wrong. Your actions have not been predetermined by nature. You probably make random choices every day without even being aware of it. However, whether some choices are random or not is not the issue. The question is how do you define free will? I define it as the ability to make a conscious decision. We make conscious decisions every day. How do you define free will?

EDIT: Actually, I think a better definition of free will is the ability to act at one’s own discretion. If you don’t have the ability to act on your choices then you don’t have free will.

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