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More than that, though, there's the psychological aspect.  If one's goal in communication is to change behaviour rather than get someone's back up, it helps not to tie that person's ego to the act itself.  Some distance, even just perceived distance, between the person and his or her action, softens the blow to his or her ego, and makes it more likely that the comment will be well-received.

Yes, I’ve heard the theory and I guess some people may rationalise the criticism as not being about them as a person. However, more often than not, I’ve seen the person whose behaviour is being criticised take it as a personal affront. They don’t seem to pause to consider the subtle nuances of the wording.

That aside, when their homosexuality is labelled an abomination, I think most homosexuals would take that as a personal affront as well because one is criticising their identity as a person.

As a side-note, why does it now say that you only have 3 posts?

It is a cautionary tale. I changed the email address on my WWGHA account. The forum software sends a validation email when you do that. Unfortunately, the WWGHA server currently seems unable to send that email. Through various tests, I verified that it had the correct email address, but just in case, I changed it back to the old email (which, thankfully, you can do), but I still didn’t receive the validation email. There is no way to recover from that situation as an ordinary user and you can’t PM anyone to ask for help because you can’t log in.

I thought I’d wait for a day to see if the email problem resolved itself. Big mistake. If you don’t validate the account within some time period (perhaps 24 hours), the forum software deletes your account and username. I had to re-register with the same username, but of course, I still didn’t receive the validation email. I then PMed jetson on IGI instead and he kindly recreated the account for me. However, I lost my post count and Darwins and my old posts are now showing me as being a guest because the previous 3sigma username has a different userid within the database.

So here is an important safety tip. Don’t change your email address until the server problems are resolved. Otherwise you’ll probably lose your post count and Darwins, which, with your counts, may be somewhat annoying.
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