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General Religious Discussion / Re: A question for theists
« Last post by velkyn on Today at 10:10:47 AM »
Not surprising that you give an amazingly ridiculous video and have cannot explain what you claimed.  What is false or true about adaptations?  what is this "genuine backbone" you claim?  I'm waiting for you to explain it.  I'm not wasting my time on videos.  You claim you have researched it, so please do expound on it. 

and no surprise that you give nothing at all for what you would take as evidence.  Nice dodge there, BS.  Same fail as before.

I provided a link to the video to aid in providing a basic understanding of the argument. I figured because it was only a few minutes long it wouldn't impose too big of a burden on your time. If I suspected my offering it was going to be received as an insult, I would have I apologize.

I have already explained numerous times in this thread the argument that there is no identifiable evolutionary process that selects on the basis of an adaptation being true or false...and I have explained what is meant by that. I prefer to avoid having to keep repeating it.

You can give your basic understanding of the arguement.  As it stands, it seems you cannot since you have been given the opportunity.  If you have indeed explained what you meant by a adaptation being "true" or "false", you should have no problem in pointing me to the post you did this in.

Also, you have yet to answer this question "
BS, what evidence would you need to believe in any one of the other gods that humans claim is as real as yours?"

I will address your post about your "god given abilities" later.  I wonder, do you have evidence that your god gave you these and not some other god or just physics and chemistry did so?     

Cool, man trumps God again.

hee hee, you said trump
Chatter / Re: What is Trump doing.......
« Last post by jetson on Today at 09:14:27 AM »
Trump is a total complete imbecile and idiot, as proved by the defeat of the stupid republican health bill. A complete moron.

By the way - hello all!  :)

Yo, HAL. Sup!
Religion & Society / Re: Paul Ryan, Hypocrite, and then some.
« Last post by Nick on Today at 09:11:13 AM »
The man cares for nothing but making the rich richer.  He really would push grandma off a cliff and give that odd smile of his while doing it.
Science / Re: Age-reversing pill
« Last post by Nick on Today at 09:07:57 AM »
Cool, we can live forever...well, those who are in charge.  Does it turn your skin orange and give you funny looking hair?
Cool, man trumps God again.
Chatter / Re: What is Trump doing.......
« Last post by Nick on Today at 09:04:25 AM »
Trump is an orange menace but how is his golf game going?
I've heard him mention the site a few times.  It also seems like sometimes his talks are in sync with discussions we have on here.  Just saying...
Chatter / Re: 5 Tips to lead a happier life
« Last post by junebug72 on Today at 05:36:30 AM »
Thanks for the thought emma.  I have so much reading for schoolI don't have time to read other stuff.  Sam Harris is an atheist and I trust him.  He has a guided 30 minute meditation on you tube.  It's really good.  If you want the link I'll get it for you.

No worries at all Junebug. Totally get where you're coming from. I have a number of different self help books myself, for different things, and struggle to keep up with them as well as I d like to because of other time commitments. Appreciate what that can be like.

Yes, I would be interested in the link. Many thanks for the offer! Happy to try out giving that a listen one night before going off to sleep. I like listening to relaxation related videos sometimes, to calm my mind, before doing so.  :)

Hoping you're feeling better today.

I am feeling better today.  Thanks for the thought.  Just spent 24 hours with my grandson.  He's so precious to me.  I never let him see me cry.  It's all smiles and laughter when he is around. 

One more thing I worry about is religion.  There is no escape except here. 

Hope your day is happy!
General Religious Discussion / Re: A question for theists
« Last post by wheels5894 on Today at 05:01:13 AM »
Just a quick thought.

If our cognative faculties are reliable, which seems to be the case, a case which Biblestudent accepts, then I think we are still stuck in this way. We have a choice of -

1. God obviously exists and made sure our cognative faculties are reliable.

2. Evolution made sure our cognative faculties are reliable.

In other words, this whole argument is a waste of time since we are still stuck with the original question which is, simply, does a god exist? May I suggest a way out of this problem? We have an account of how evolution might have acted to ensure we have cognative faculties that are reliable. Indeed, we can observe other animals who display  extraordinary skills[1] showing their cognative faculties are reliable.

On the other hand we have a proposed god - and not any particular god who is aid to endowed, presumably all animals, with cognative faculties that are reliable. Now, can we argue that this undetectable god could do this? After all, to do so would mean he can manipulate the material world in a way we could, potentially, detect by have never managed?

It seems to me that to accept an unproved claim against a proven and evidenced explanation from evolution would indeed show that ones' cognative faculties are not reliable. Of course, like everything, this is provisional and could change any day that a god is detected and a mechanism can be shown how this god achieved his aim of making our cognative faculties are reliable.

So in comes down to the fact that Plantinga's argument only works if we can evaluate the possibility of a god intervening and whilst no god is shown to even exist nothing can be attributed to him.
 1. Like owls catching their prey below them and without being able to see the action.
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