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variations of a theme
« on: August 14, 2009, 11:15:38 PM »
I watch the old TV series Twilight Zone almost every weeknight and have noticed that so many questions here and most sites where people ask questions about religion or life itself seem to be based on different variations of that show. Tonight it was the guy who keeps dreaming he's being sent to the electric chair, they fry him then he's right back in the court room, different faces, but they're the same people only playing different roles and it sometimes makes ya wonder if what we perceive of as reality really is a dream.. I mean look at religion.. If religion were never part of peoples lives right now would anyone believe someone who claimed everything was controlled by some invisible man in the sky? Pretend you had never heard the word 'god' and nobody else had then imagine trying to convince others much less the majority of human beings that there is such a thing and suddenly you would be in the Twilight Zone when you get down to it. You would be locked away in the loony bin!
Is it even remotely possible this is only someone elses bad dream being replayed over and over except it's a long assed dream? Maybe history never really happened and we just heard it because someone made it all up!
What I'm getting at of course is the by-bull and someone DID indeed make it all up so what else was just made up and we're being told tall tales...?  Then again maybe it's just me watching TV and thinking some more nonsense like i usually do.  What got me thinking of this is the fact that throughout my life i have been suicidal on and off over the years many times but have never succeeded obviously...or maybe not.. Maybe I did repeatedly and it just gets replayed and i haven't caught on till tonight.. Well, I'm still alive apparently so I just wanted to see if anyone else ever gets these odd ball thoughts and wonders if the reality we see is indeed reality or something else.. The god concept is about as bizarre as it gets and yet it has survived for what we know of as centuries for absolutely no apparent reason or motive other than greed or fear of death.. Maybe it's actually the fear of reliving the bad dream over and over and over...
Imagine gaining favor with "Darwin's"...kind of like praying, huh?