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I was grown a Christian the late George Carlin quite eloquently
put it, "I reached the age of reason" and started filtering
the fad, facts and delusions around religion...and practically every other
belief formulated to control groups of people.
I just became, reasonable.

I've been using the base facts of the laws of probability and simple
rational breakdown of events
with friends and everybody started believing I was a psychic or just

Probability as a Prophet :

A friend at a party was playing with a knife trying to open it through its
hilt with a sharp motion...but she was facing a group of
friends talking...I ask her to turn around cause if the knife opens and
slips through her hands...she could hurt or kill somebody....

The notion in my head was simple.... I've seen her try so many times I knew
her palm was getting sweaty then my rational
mind thought...according to probability, there would be a good chance it
will soon slip through her hand... and to my mind
it was more than a 50-50 and more like a 80-20 chance that would happen.

Luckily she did.
She turned towards the other way and facing the toilet door....I'm not was 2 or 3 more tries when the knife slipped through her palm
opened and stuck onto the toilet door.

Everyone thought I was a jinx or something and said that if I didn't say
anything it would not have happened...

I only pointed out that if I didn't say anything and according to my simple
observations, someonce could have been badly hurt.

I could have said "I had a vision" and that if I told them no one would
believe me thinking I was crazy and the accident would have happened
I could easily pretend to be a psychic

Which brings me to the next example....

Probability as a psychic :

I've applied the same principles with people.

Conversations to which you reply to the question before the person has time
to ask are the funniest
and need just a bit of careful observation.

If you carefully observe the person's interests and reactions and what
subject the person is concentrated
you can be quite aware of what a person will ask you when he abruptly stops
his flow of speech
to ask you can reply at once....if you are will
just get a "No that's not what I was going to ask"
and it will go unnoticed...BUT when you are right, the fact that you knew
makes much more of an impression
than the times you didn't no matter how many the were.

It is so easy and funny but becomes scary at times at how superstitious
people will become

I've used this with certain people to such an extent I finally had to sit
down and explain
the thought breakdown I use and how I do it because it had become scary to

Something like : You're talking to me about your brother and sister for 2
mins when you abruptly stop
and begin to ask ...." " and I reply " I have no brothers and
sisters " then you look at me
with eyes open wide and ask " HOW DID YOU KNOW ?!?!? " ....well....duh.

Are people so damn naive ?!?!?!?

Or you are speaking to me about music and how much you love playing the
piano and this and
that when you abruptly stop to begin asking me " hey d..." and I reply " I
play the guitar "
or " no I don't play any musical instrument"

The possibilities are limitless

You can practically go to any person out in the street grab him by the hand
and ask them :

" Dear friend...I know you are facing great financial to
me about them "
" Dear friend...I know you are facing great family to me
about them "
" Dear friend...I know you are facing great employment
to me about them "
" Dear friend...I know you are facing great health to me
about them "

The principle is simple....every person no matter how big or small their
problem is
they think theirs is the worse at the time and these ( and a few more ) are
problems the majority of
people have in their lives or think they have most of the time.

So you're 100% on the money.

Apply that to a Group of people and you become a savior or a prophet to them
promise them salvation and their minds are yours to play with.

Pick one! get out in the streets and try them....and're not a
psychic or a prophet but
the people you will talk to might think you are knowing about their problem
talking to them about it out of the blue.

These are basic principles under which everything around religions was
Careful observation, everything knitted tightly around the most probable
occasion, event etc and voila! there you have it!

It's a MIRACLE!!!!



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Yes, I know this hobby, my best ones are the ones where people haven't even opened their mouths. It can be great fun but can also be highly annoying to others, remember that.

Some people have turned this 'gift' into an art form. Try looking up 'Derren Brown' on youtube. Excellent stuff.


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Can you pick some powerball numbers?  Winning ones! :D
Yo, put that in your pipe and smoke it.  Quit ragging on my Lord.

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