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Why? [#161]
« on: August 06, 2008, 01:31:04 PM »
Your web page (pages) is obviously a thing of need. Quite extensive! Your obsession is
also obvious. Are you at all associated with Pluto? And, does any one ever think to pay
respect to such power. Well, man really does'nt, as we see in the irresponsable way
plutonium has been handled. Enough of that. Yes, you have hit on one of the keys to our
problems today. Let me just say it in a few succinct words. jehovah, jesus, allah,etc.,
are but projections of  mans insatiable desire for power. Archetypes yes, Gods, no! Or,
could it be the other way around? Of course. Hubris, narcicism(?), egomania, etc., are
what drives this world wide fantasy, which is just plain lies! Not real! But it can be
seen on TV every day, can't it? How many believe that? Just add up the the seed offerings
the healers recieve. My point if not gotten is this, I do appreciate your thoughts and
what you are trying to do. But firstly, its like you are having one of those long drawn
out discussions with a born again,
 some thing that only turns into you hearing "I will not cast pearls before swine
anymore". Secondly, I wish you the best, and we can only heal ourselves.   


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Re: Why? [#161]
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2008, 01:36:11 PM »
Well, we want people to think.  Sad part is, they usually don't, and just attack us with baseless assertions.  But do join the forum, maybe you can offer some insight.
If we come together and do not fight over religion, class and borders then we hold the key to a peaceful world. There are two possible futures in store; either a March of power and greed or a March of a unified human race.