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Support The Connoisseurs Of Hallucination Series [#1185]
« on: March 22, 2009, 07:19:38 PM »

GIIVideo, I am in the process of seeking support from the most influential Non-theists within the YouTube community to assist me in making my project known. It is called The Connoisseurs Of Hallucination and all information and a link to the preview is supplied below. If you are able to plug it in a video, supply a link, anything you may be able to assist with would be greatly appreciated. [name]

The Connoisseurs Of Hallucination is a vivid, expressive, energetic and extremely controversial twenty part YouTube video series that in great detail dissects the very core of religion from its apparent contradictions and falsities, too its immoral application and its complete irrelevance to the current and future stages of our modern society as a whole. By studying the direct connections to and cohesion within political, sociological and geo-economic systems it is my ambition to express to the masses from a non-theistic perspective how much damage is being inflicted on account of this ancient and outdated process of intellectual and mental governance that has succeeded only in negatively effecting our infant species...

At this moment and in light of visual content contained within the Connoisseurs Of Hallucination Preview it may seem that this is predominantly an attack piece, let it be said that there is a great deal of material and many subsequent gestures that may offend and put religiously minded viewers on the defensive; though this required as to ensure that an emotional connection between the content and the bias perspectives of the viewer is achieved as to encourage the bulk of the underlying message to be uniformly absorbed. Those whom already maintain an open perspective via being non-theist will be glad to hear that the Connoisseurs Of Hallucination was in heart made for you and those like you. To encourage the succession of our now expanding platform of logic, reason, understanding and increasing expansion of moral core values, and also to warn of the now very real and exponential threat being posed to the continued existence of our species by those whom seek to destroy all that we have built

The Connoisseurs Of Hallucination is derived from a Novel that I have written which has yet to be published. This YouTube version is a greatly reduced visual & auditory translation that will also act as a compliment to the paperback if it ever becomes a reality. This production is not designed to supply you with a sensory overload of evidence, most of which has no doubt already been expressed within our digital community many times before, by taking that tired approach you would be left only to juggle evidence rather than to experience the reason why it was supplied in the first place...

I seek to take you on a journey through the deepest, darkest realms of our distant past as to express the expansion of the processes that in turn acted as the foundation that our modern society now sits upon, allowing an open and accessible means to express the bulk of The Connoisseurs Of Hallucinations message and finishing with an inspirational and energetic climactic method of foresight into the future that remains ahead. A future that is still reliant upon the choices we make as a species here and now, we decide whether or not tomorrow will be brighter or darker than the world we live in today...

The YouTube presentation of The Connoisseurs Of Hallucination is being created in its entirety before it begins being released in stages to the community. Each subsequent chapter (twenty in total) maintains a uniform duration of ten minutes, in total the entire presentation will run for over three hours. It is being created in this way as to ensure that its progression is seamless, to encourage increased spread and number of subscriptions and to also make use of the limited budget as to ensure that the production value is as high as possible. I seek to create something that will be remembered, respected, or held by the community as something of value...

To those whom are to subscribe and eagerly await the first release due in mid June, you can expect nothing less than a High Definition feed, a well thought out progressive and intuitive production from start to finish, an entertaining and sustainable commercial soundtrack, clear narration recorded in a studio environment and a vast feature range of guest speakers; many you will no doubt recognize from the mainstream. Thank you, I look forward to hearing any feedback you may have and the release the first chapter...

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Re: Support The Connoisseurs Of Hallucination Series [#1185]
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2009, 08:10:18 PM »
That is...a lot of text.  :o

But I just skipped it all and clicked the link. Seems interesting. Next time I'm on YouTube I'll subscribe.
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Re: Support The Connoisseurs Of Hallucination Series [#1185]
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2009, 08:16:17 PM »
Hopefully it won't be another ruse like that idiotic Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.
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Re: Support The Connoisseurs Of Hallucination Series [#1185]
« Reply #3 on: March 22, 2009, 08:19:29 PM »
I'll write the commercial music.