Author Topic: Pagans demand slot on 'Today' programme's Thought for the Day  (Read 213 times)

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Pagans demand slot on 'Today' programme's Thought for the Day
« on: September 05, 2018, 02:09:44 AM »
I didn’t long find this. Though it’s a July article, thought I’d share anyways:

'Nature-based religions have never had more relevance than now, with climate change hurting the world.

A druid is calling on BBC bosses to give pagans the chance to contribute to Thought for the Day on Radio 4’s Today programme.

Stuart Jeffery, who plans to hand in a petition to the corporation tomorrow, says climate change makes pagans’ views more relevant than ever now – but they are under-represented.

He has gathered almost 2,000 names on the petition calling for the flagship religious slot to reflect his beliefs. And he also wants the broadcaster to dedicate a programme to paganism.

I wonder how this is going down with BBC bosses! Also, if it is allowed I wonder if it would necessarily be a bad thing if it aids with spreading public awareness of climate change...

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Re: Pagans demand slot on 'Today' programme's Thought for the Day
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2018, 07:13:31 AM »
well, most paganism is less vicious than the established religions, if just as silly.   

Here in PA, non-religious folks have been trying to get the ability to offer the opening thoughts in the state house of represenatives.  A federal judge just ordered it allowed:  I'm sure that certain Christians will have a fit. 
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