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Leaving Microsoft to Change the World
« on: August 06, 2017, 08:52:47 AM »
From 2006,  John Wood writes about his vacation in rural Nepal that led to changing his career, getting books spread to kids in classrooms around the world.  How many times has an Einsten just not had the opportunity to read as a child?

“This is a beautiful library room. Thank you for showing it to me. I have only one question. Where, exactly, are your books?” The headmaster stepped out of the room and began yelling. A teacher appeared with the one key to the rusty padlock on the cabinet where the books were locked up. The headmaster explained. Books were considered precious. The school had so few that the teachers did not want to risk the children damaging them. I wondered how a book could impart knowledge if it was locked up, but kept that thought to myself.

 My heart sank as the school’s treasure trove was revealed. A Danielle Steel romance with a couple locked in passionate and semiclothed embrace on the front cover. A thick Umberto Eco novel, written in Italian. The Lonely Planet Guide to Mongolia. And what children’s library would be complete without Finnegans Wake? The books appeared to be backpacker castoffs that would be inaccessible (both physically and intellectually) to the young students.

I  asked about the school’s enrollment and learned there were 450 students. Four hundred and fi fty kids without books. How could this be happening in a world with such an abundance of material goods? Without prompting, the headmaster then said: “Yes, I can see that you also realize that this is a very big problem. We wish to inculcate in our students the habit of reading. But that is impossible when this is all we have.”
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