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Thanks DL.  This is handy.  Can you update the OP from time to time?
I stopped believing for a little while this morning. Journey is gonna be so pissed when they find out...

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Will do

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Religion is so easy to disprove you need not even look into the reasons it's wrong, the reason it claims it's RIGHT is enough.

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A compelling anti-theist argument (aimed primarily at Jews, but applicable to every human being) is presented in what I consider an unjustly neglected book, “The Future Jew”. This book was published in 2001 and pre-dates its sister atheist works by Harris, Dawkins and Hitchens.  Little-known Canadian author Michael Carin posits that Jews are in a position to help themselves and people of all religious persuasions counter the barren seductions of deism.  “The Future Jew” argues that in recognition of the Holocaust’s definitive negation of the idea of God, Jews should take up the burden of hoisting humanity from the profound hole of superstition, which in turn will help steer humanity off the behavioral road that has made possible all genocides. Carin suggests that if Jews were able to exert such tremendous impact on history with the “one God” idea, then what is to stop them from transforming the future with a secular “one humanity” idea? In other words Jews should make Reason their bedrock, and then act as an example for everybody else to emulate. A chapter of his book can be read at
Carin can also be found talking about the non-existence of God on YouTube at