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A smattering:

There is no ethical or moral standard, it does not matter what I do with my life or how I treat anyone. Life is completely meaningless.

This is the only logical conclusion if God is truly not real. This does not prove God obviously, it is just something to think about.

Why in your heart do you have a deep sense of right and wrong, sorrow and love, a desire to for the world to be better? Where does this come from if we are simply cells? If we all just die , none of it matters and you are wasting your time.

First of all you don’t even give specific proof. Second of all you don’t even consider the facts given to prove God exists. Finally all the things you say prove God doesn’t exists can also prove hes much more than real, that he is also the might creator. I don’t know why your being so delusional about God but let me just tell you your such a idiot you can’t even be smart enough to right a good blog and consider the real facts, but who knows you probably went to community college. I hope you listen to me and I hope you change your mind and become smarter.

When its so simple to trust Him. Are you atheists afraid that once you trust Jesus your heart will change? It only takes a second to get saved but you take weeks, months or even years trying to prove Jesus is imaginary. Then you end up going to Hell for wasting your precious time on Earth trying to prove Jesus is just a imaginary.


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