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Christian resurrection ...
« on: April 19, 2014, 08:04:23 AM »

Twin Falls (ID) Times-News | Pastor's Corner: The Power of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

... Yet, the Christian experiences the resurrection every day....

By getting up in the morning?

... The resurrection of Jesus Christ proves many things. For example, the resurrection proves the Bible to be true....

A typical leap of logic, not terribly noteworthy except that if Jesus was never resurrected the Bible must not be true, or more importantly, if Jesus never existed the Bible must not be true. Life hinging on a reasonable doubt.

The Resurrection brings forth eternal life.

If resurrection brings forth eternal life, why do Christians have to experience it every day?

... The Resurrection brings forth the forgiveness of our sins....

But we are born into sin and then die ... but resurrection brings forth eternal life ... and Christians experience resurrection every day ...

I wish someone could come up with something new instead of this typical Christianist ClaptrapTM

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