Author Topic: Does God exists as a separate entity - separate from human brains?  (Read 6855 times)

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Re: Does God exists as a separate entity - separate from human brains?
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This is your first mistake.  Believing something to be true does nothing to actually show that it is true, so it is not a solid start/base.

Believing something to be true can be used as motivation to actually prove that it is true, but again, belief says nothing about the truth value.
That's why it's only the starting point. In your everyday life you always trust people. You need trust to get to the truth. I don't believe that trust is a mistake. But feel free to live without trusting anyone, just don't try to tell me how I should live and how it is a mistake that *I* am doing.
I am glad that you posted the above. It is the perfect example of how your English skills have let you down.

It is perhaps this that has led to many reported posts. Let me explain:

SevenPatch argues that merely believing something is true, does not mean that it is true.

Your reply then does not relate to that comment at all. It is clear that you have misunderstood and that you think that he has said, “Never trust anyone.”, which he has not. He said nothing like that.

You then say, "But feel free to live without trusting anyone," now this is just you being angry: you know that what you have said is an exaggeration, don't you? SevenPatch certainly did not say or suggest anything like that. (I think you know that is the case, don't you?)

Nor is he telling you how you should live. But these are things that you think he has said.

You say, “I don't believe that trust is a mistake.”

Please re-read SevenPatch's comment: I don’t think that he believes that either, at least I cannot see where he says that… can you?

Please have another look at the point that SevenPatch is making and try to understand it.

If you have any difficulty, we might be able to get it translated into French for you.

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