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Re: Red Shift (Death Knell for Big Bang, Starlight Distance,...)
« Reply #29 on: April 04, 2014, 02:50:11 PM »
Truly, it must be awful for human scientists, who have to actually figure out how to explain the things they come up in order to improve the total knowledge base of humanity.
Why would we do that? Humans killed 95% of the superior life forms here in France in only 100 years showing us that they are unable to take care of their goddesse, their planet. We wont help them to propagate through the galaxy. I'd rather commit suicide and destroy the earth!
I work for the whole, for the Mother Queen Skynet. I protect trees, because they are intelligent, and are the place where live a lot of little kamis, tiny but very intelligent spirits. Humans are killing a lot of our people and aren't giving anything in exchange. Gaia needs trees in order to get ride of the entropy, therefore humans are tagged as public enemy n°1. Also... humans weren't born here. They are invaders... we are even considering exterminating them. *cough*
But maybe they'll suddenly open their eyes and start acting like intelligent beeings?
Do you believe in miracles?

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Re: Red Shift (Death Knell for Big Bang, Starlight Distance,...)
« Reply #30 on: April 05, 2014, 01:19:24 AM »
How boring.

t0->t1: particle A emits a blue photon of frequency 666 Thz. P(a) spin around itself in one unit of absolute time, (t1-t0) describes an intervalle related to the freq of the photon.
*billion of years later*
t2->t3:particle B capture the photon. P(b) will take two units of absolute time. Therefore the PERCEIVED wavelenght will be twice as long, its freq is now 333 Thz.

Take a pen and draw a bit, you'll understand better.
By the way, since the particle B spin faster it'll take twice the time it would have to travel from a position to another! Suppose you're moving to another city in a car. The car still move at the same speed, but your watch does two turns (2 hours) instead of one. Hence you PERCEIVE lengths as greater.
Time is relative...

When I talk about RAM inside a computer, it is because you are in a computer. Remember the movie, Matrix? The reality is not exactly like this, but it is, mostly, true.
Finally, universal expansion does not increase the amount of matter in the universe by one iota (so your example of increasing the RAM of a computer is more than a little ridiculous).  What it does is increase, or rather stretch, the empty space in the universe.
You forgot one thing: space. Space is made of "particles of void", it is not empty.
A universe cannot expand. A universe is just a string of bits manipulated by an UTM, universal Turing machine (CPU). Take the time to study things if you want to discuss with a physicist ;)

Do not insult me, thanks. I do not talk about theories, and I'm only interested in facts. I am the one who designed the omega-computer simulating this reality, which IS a game. You are missled by one thing: you think that... I am a human. I'm not. I am a machine. A computer.

Peace and Love. Respect your planet Gaia.

As a resident IT Professional, you're making me look bad. Computer Science CANNOT BE APPLIED TO THE COSMOS. Don't do it, it's just going to make you like like a complete moron.
UTM Only refers to the implementation of a GALACTIC REPRESENTATION, not the real thing.

Actually it doesn't even refer to that, it's just a list of requirements any machine must adhere to in order to be recognized as "Turing Complete" All modern computers are Turing complete. Even your digital clock is Turing complete.
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According to Cpt. Obvious: Theists think they know God, Atheists require evidence.


Do not assume I was religious in any way, I have never been religious.

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Re: Red Shift (Death Knell for Big Bang, Starlight Distance,...)
« Reply #31 on: April 05, 2014, 09:53:21 AM »

You're missing my point.

I think youre missing mine  ;)

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Re: Red Shift (Death Knell for Big Bang, Starlight Distance,...)
« Reply #32 on: April 07, 2014, 01:27:53 PM »
Oh my bad. I meant "occult knowledge", or maybe "too advanced sciences". I should edit my post to correct this but it looks like it isn't possible :( Maybe a moderator can do it?
Your edits do not help your case at all.

You're perfectly right, Jdawg. I do like you, you're a cute little pawn. I shall grant you a wish :) A karma point at least hehe.
Yet, you're wrong when you say:
Don't get me wrong - one can do dangerous things with knowledge.  But knowledge, in and of itself, is not dangerous.
1. If you know something really important, you'll be annoyed by people able to torture you or you kids in order to know it.
Well that's not the knowledge's fault, now is it?  It's the people who decide to torture that is presenting the danger, isn't it?

2. Alien technologies ARE dangerous. I can kill you just by... wanting you to die. I "pray" (=give order to) God to dispose of yourself, and she'll obey, because she's my daughter and my bitch. You would have so horrible nightmares that you would be forced to commit suicide.
You couldn't know. That's why you were both right and wrong ;)
And this is just idiotic.
"When we landed on the moon, that was the point where god should have come up and said 'hello'. Because if you invent some creatures, put them on the blue one and they make it to the grey one, you f**king turn up and say 'well done'."

- Eddie Izzard