Author Topic: Florida can't say "Fuck the Constitution" but find a weaselly way to do so.  (Read 1206 times)

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An atheist group applied for approval of an atheist statue next to a monument of the Ten Commandments outside the county courthouse. The commission ruled the proposal included incomplete quotes - a violation of its monument regulations.

A Florida atheists group shalt not build a monument next to another structure depicting the Ten Commandments.

The Levy County Commissioners in Florida rejected a proposal by the Williston Atheist to build a structure outside of the county's Courthouse where monuments of the Ten Commandments and a veterans memorial are currently.

The commissioners said the plans for the 1,500 pound granite bench included incomplete quotes from American Atheists founder Madalyn Murray O'Hair and some of the nation's founding fathers Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams were incomplete and thus violated the county's regulations for monuments, according to the Christian News Network.

Though struck down by the governing body the members of the atheist organization plan to continue their push for the monument.

"It is just an excuse," member Charles Ray Sparrow told the network. "The majority of citizens in the community are deeply religious; I understand that. But there are also citizens of this community who are not religious. …They choose to be represented in a public forum that is available to all citizens so we choose to be represented too."

The proposal is similar to another atheist monument built in Starke Fla., which is also next to a Ten Commandments statue. That structure was built following a lawsuit from the American Atheists, based in Cranford N.J., who sued stating there should not be a Ten Commandments statue on public grounds.

But, as usual, the real dumb ass-ery is in the replies. Particularly from Adam Billings. However one atheist got one off against him I particularly like:

By the way: I loved "Atheists need to tell people they are wrong". Good thing you don't suffer from that terrible affliction, right?
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An Omnipowerful God needed to sacrifice himself to himself (but only for a long weekend) in order to avert his own wrath against his own creations who he made in a manner knowing that they weren't going to live up to his standards.

And you should feel guilty for this. Give me money.

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Not the worst technicality I've ever seen for averting eyes from the Constitution. As well, some of those comments  make me want to claw out my eyes.
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That's what happens when they take prayer I mean civics out of the schools. Nobody really knows what the constitution--the law of the land-- actually says.

(Except the part that guarantees me the right to blow away anyone with a bazooka for walking funny, talking funny or wearing clothes I don't like.  And the part that says that homos can't get married or adopt children. And the part that says that only US citizens who look like me are allowed in my neighborhood.  I'm sure that's in there somewhere, and if it ain't it sure as hell should be.)

When will these people realize that the constitution is not there to support or protect popular viewpoints? The widely accepted practices of the majority don't tend to need government protection. That is why members of non-mainstream religions like JW's and Buddhists often end up siding with atheists in these disputes. Sigh.

I will avoid reading the comments. I am so not in the mood for that crap. :P
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I read an article a few days ago about the same issue in Louisiana or Texas, or some red state, where this woman said, "It is Constitutional: that's what Separation of Church and State means." See, in her, and so many others out there, minds, to them "state" is the "Federal government" not local or state government. They are either stupid or think that state Constitutions trump the US Constitution, not the other way around.

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