Author Topic: "Fields and orchards in the SKY: Highrise 'urban farms' "  (Read 681 times)

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"Fields and orchards in the SKY: Highrise 'urban farms' "
« on: January 31, 2014, 04:36:27 PM »
Highrise includes orchards, meadows and rice fields along with offices.  Energy is stored from sun and wind, and heat is trapped by tower's ‘wings’ .  No buyer has been found but the concept has inspired smaller projects.  Tokyo's nine-storey Pasona Urban Farm, for example, allows employees to grow their own food in reserved green spaces at work.

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Pasona Urban Farm:

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Re: "Fields and orchards in the SKY: Highrise 'urban farms' "
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Seems interesting. I remember something similar in the game "Eco Tycoon: Project Green". There were cylindrical-shaped buildings that were actually entire farms. I also recall seeing a post on the forum, a long time ago, about fake trees that separate CO2 into C and O2, whose design seems to have been inspired by said game. Or maybe the game's design was also inspired by something else.
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Re: "Fields and orchards in the SKY: Highrise 'urban farms' "
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Disney World as entire crops of various fruits/vegetables in warehouses at and around EPCOT/Pleasure Island. I've been in a few, one at Magic Kingdom is underground. They don't look like those buildings. That'd be cool.

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