Author Topic: A type of satellite known as a CubeSat, measuring just 4 inches on a side  (Read 939 times)

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The small satellites are also known as CubeSats because they're built in boxy shapes that follow a 10-centimeter cubic standard. CubeSats could well revolutionize the satellite industry over the next few years.
SAN FRANCISCO — Someday, swarms of satellites the size of a tissue box will be snapping pictures, taking environmental readings and broadcasting messages from orbit — but the entities controlling those satellites won't be governments.
Instead, they'll be hard-core hobbyists and elementary-school students, entrepreneurs and hacktivists. In short, anyone who can afford a few hundred dollars to send something to the final frontier.
It all starts with a hobbyist computer called an Arduino. For less than $200, anyone can buy an Arduino — basically a stripped-down motherboard — and start building gadgets like a..... a band of LEGO robots.

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Re: A type of satellite known as a CubeSat, measuring just 4 inches on a side
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That's amazing. In the interstice between now and when those mini sat's are viable on a large scale, I could see the CubeSat's being add-ons to set models of satellites, allowing customization and optimization. That'd be pretty rad.
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