Author Topic: Political divide over evolution is growing  (Read 672 times)

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Political divide over evolution is growing
« on: December 30, 2013, 08:30:03 PM »

                  " - A display of a series of skeletons shows a progression of primates leading to humans at the Yale Peabody  Museum in New Haven, Conn., circa 1935."

Based on studies of our planet's past, the scientific consensus holds that organisms have evolved and given rise to new species over the past several billion years. Public acceptance of evolutionary theory in the United States, however, tends to lag behind other countries. A 2005 analysis of survey results from 34 countries, conducted for the journal Science, put the United States in 33rd place when it comes to embracing evolution — ahead of only Turkey.
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Re: Political divide over evolution is growing
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2013, 08:49:38 PM »
Normally I would be somewhat concerned about the possibility of an armed conflict, but overweight America is not likely to engage in such behavior, being as most of us would make too large a target.

It's called survival of the unfittest.
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Re: Political divide over evolution is growing
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2014, 02:07:36 PM »
Isn't it something like 40 to 45 percent of U.S. citizens that don't accept evolution or are unsure?  And it's been like that for a while too I think.

I wonder if the reason increasing Education spending won't help is because Public schools are going against religious institutions which have probably 10 to 20 times more capital to push whatever message they want.  Even if a kid learns about evolution, they will be reeducated by their parents most of the time and then pass the misinformation onto their kids as well.

My uncle has been saying lately that "the internet is the worst thing invented by mankind".  I just laugh even though he is serious.  He says, "No one in America makes anything anymore because of the internet", then I say "Wait a second, I make things and use the Internet" since I'm a software developer.  Of course he is just mad because he's a postal delivery person and now everything is done on-line (bills, shopping and such).  I know he is just afraid of change as most people are.

I think to myself, sure the internet makes a lot of misinformation available to people, but it is also a source of good information capable of combating the misinformation.  I am very thankful for freedom of speech, and am ever vigilant against those that wish to dismantle a democratic government.  Is it a perfect government, no, but no government is.

One thing people don't realize is that this democratic government is the only balance against religion and the alternative.

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-Christopher Hitchens, The Enemy
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