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Fake Reality
« on: December 29, 2013, 09:55:40 AM »
The internet is a mysterious thing by linking you from one thing to another and then you forget how you ended up where you are. Anyway, I am not sure how I came upon these links but a number of things struck me. First, this appears to be a web version of a reality show. Second, it's not real, or it's not all that it purports to be IMNSHO.

This guy says that he had to get back to nature to learn/hone skills that "his generation lost". Apparently they didn't lose them too much or he wouldn't have them, but that's a minor cackle. He says that he and his wife were living the big lifestyle but after the mortgage crash they knew they had to get back to basics, so they take their millions(?)[1] and buy land in Oregon, "live off the land", "do things by hand", "self-sufficient", yadda yadda yadda, but also "live off the grid".

You can't live off the grid if you make use of Go-Pro cameras (among other kinds), stay connected to the internet, film everything you do, upload it to YouTube, maintain two Facebook pages and contribute to blogs. I noticed in the photos on one of his Facebook pages that he recently installed a dishwasher. Well, if that ain't livin' off the grid I don't know what is. I live on the grid and I decided to not install a dishwasher in my house. That's my version of roughing it and I don't have a YouTube channel. Meh.

My guess is that he was a real estate king who saw his cookie crumble in 2007 and knew it wouldn't come back but by 20088 decided to become a minor internet star, probably aiming for his own show on TLC (maybe he already has one and I don't know it because, ahem, I don't watch TLC). I also bet his videos are simply a shill for the products he advertises -- the new version of sponsorship.

I guess he is merely the latest in a series of survivalist-porn stars.
 1. They must have millions stashed or how else did they buy this land, build a house, a farm, buy machinery, go logging and have time to do all this internet stuff?
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Re: Fake Reality
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2013, 12:33:21 PM »
You're probably right. I know people who live "back to the land" around here in Montana, and they are not high-tech at all. I gave a woman who lives in an "earthship" that she and her friends built (hay bales, tires, adobe, etc. were used to build it) and I gave her an old laptop, but the only way she can get on the Internet is drive in to town and go the the library. She wanted to write a story about building the house, and I think that the only thing she usually does on that old laptop is write.

She has no dishwasher, and her heat is solar, backed up with a wood stove. She does have electricity though, via the utility company. But she only uses that for lights, refrigeration and pumping water out of her well. No TV or anything.

Sadly, she is also an anti-vaccination fiend, and has a nine year old daughter who has never had any shots. One day her little girl was out playing int the dirt, and I mentioned that she was being exposed to more mercury playing in the dirt than she would ever get in a shot (I know, they've taken the mercury out, but she doesn't believe that). She didn't like the facts, and a gave me a dirty look. Had I not been the one that gave her the laptop, she might have told me to get lost.

I know another couple who have no Internet or anything either. They live in a yurt (a type of tent) with a dirt floor, and have for years. They too have electricity, but their running water comes from nearby spring. They use an outhouse. No TV, no radio (no signals where they live anyway, and no cell phone signals, so no phone.)

None of those folks have blogs. The guy living in the yurt used to have a web site when he had a business guiding people on wilderness trips, but he paid someone to build and maintain it. He's retired now, so he doesn't need that any more.

Your example, Chronos, just goes to show, reality ain't what it used to be.  ;D
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