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another argument for the non-existence of god [#2775]
« on: November 15, 2013, 04:00:32 PM »

First of all, I want to apologize in case I make mistakes - English is not my
mother tongue.

I really like your homepage. After reading it, no rational man or woman can
still believe in god... Unfortunately, many people are very irrational in
matters of religion and belief. But I really adore and appreciate your effort.
We should try anything we can to bring reason to those religious minds.

I see that somehow you are associated with the homepage "godisimaginary". I
wanted to write the owner of that website, too, but as far as I have seen,
there's no contact information. So I'd ask you to send up my mail to the owner
of "godisimaginary", if you know that person. Or maybe you are the owner of both

Anyway, I want to tell you another argument for the non-existence of god that
you have not mentioned. Maybe you can add it to your lists on
whywontgodhealamputees and godisimaginary.

Believers always say things like "the universe and our planet and life on earth
look so deliberately designed and intelligenty created..."
But if we actually think about it, this is not true at all: If we accept the
evolutional theory (as many believers in Europe do, but add that God was the
planner of evolution), we have to ask: Why should god have planned the
development of life in such a complicated way? For millions of years, there was
no life on earth. Then there was a very, very long time where only bacterias and
protozoans lived. Then, they slowly developed into fishes and amphibia and birds
and then mammals, included humans. Why should God have done this?? Couldn't he
just put the animals and plants and humans on earth the way he wanted them? Why
develop life in such a complex and long process, when he could just have
developed the species within a few moments just like he wanted them to be? Why
was evolution necessary at all? Why should god have wanted the earth to be
without live for millions of years? And only inhabited by bacteria for other
millions of years? Why did so many animal species that lived in former times
become extinct then? Why the hell should god create species and then let them
die out?? There is absolutely no reason why God should have wanted this.
Why are the bodies of animals and humans so fragile? So prone to malfunctions
and illnesses? Why do we have body parts we don't need (like the appendix or the
rudimental tail some people have)? Many of our organs don't work well because
they were adapted to the ape's posture for such a long time and are not yet
fully adapted to human's upright walking (for scientific details see Dawkins'
books about evolution). If god was the planner of evolution, shouldn't he have
planned it in a better way, with the organs developing simultaneously to the
upright walking? Why are there so many parts in human and animal bodies that
clearly attest a complicated evolutionary background - with long phases where
several body parts didn't work properly at all and caused a lot of problems, and
therefore many animal species and also branches of the human species had to die
out? Why should god "design" a process with so many errors and regresses??
And, talking about the universe: What seems so intelligently designed about a
universe where most of the planets are uninhabitable? Why should god have
designed so many planets where life is not possible? Where there cannot be
intelligent species to discover and worship him? Why should god have designed a
universe where many planets and asteroides fly erratically through the space and
collide with each other and destroy each other?? Even included the possibility
that the earth could be hitten by such a asteroid and all of gods cleverly
designed species could be destroyed? There are absolutely no plausible answers
to all these questions. Actually, the world and the universe seem not at all
intelligently designed. They seem quite random and with lots of errors caused by
nature, that cannot be explained as long as we assume a intelligent creator.

Again, if we assume there is a god, there are lots of problems, curiosities and
inconsistencies. Lots of phenomena that cannot be explained properly. But if we
assume that god doesn't exist, there are no problems and curiosities at all.
It's all logical and explainable. Errors and steps backwards are fully
expectable in a natural process, as they are not with an intelligent creator.
And the parts of earth and life that work quite perfectly can be adequately
explained with the process of evolution.

Maybe you can use that argument for the websites. These were only the problems I
read about or thought about by myself. I'm sure you can find further examples
for the unperfection and randomness of the world and the universe, also reading
scientific literature about the topic.

Kind regards,
[name removed]
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Re: another argument for the non-existence of god [#2775]
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2013, 04:11:56 PM »
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Re: another argument for the non-existence of god [#2775]
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2013, 04:50:08 PM »
We have a forum at WWGHA.  You should drop by sometime.  Your English looks good to me.
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Re: another argument for the non-existence of god [#2775]
« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2013, 06:02:37 PM »
Too much for me to read, broken English, or not.

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