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We Need A New Category!!!
« on: September 27, 2013, 07:43:47 PM »
Re: Creation and Evolution Presentation
This is the title of the thread from

The path is: Topics/Christianity & Science/Creation and Evolution Presentation/Page 8/Post #111(The post number is always subject to change. This is because when the Christians are getting their ass beat, the moderators delete the rational posts.)


Quote Originally Posted by Barbarian:

Actually the closest ungulate to whales is the hippopotamus. But yes, there were a good number of ungulate characteristics that led biologists to predict that whales evolved from mammals with hooves. Later, as you know, fossil transitionals (with hooves) and genetic analyses confirmed that prediction.

Response by Sparrowhawke(moderator):
In the case of Genesis 1:20, God's command was to (in part) let the seas teem with life. Interestingly, Genesis does not mention or describe the land mammals from before the appearance of whales. It does not have to. If Evolution is true, then it is assumed that for the seas to teem with whales, the land and seas would first produce the mammalian forms that precede them.

 Old Earthers adopt Day Age theories that tell us Days 5 and 6 overlap... because they are told by scientists that whales clearly developed after land mammals first appeared; Young Earthers correctly point out that such theories contradict the plain meaning of scripture; the Creation Days do not overlap. The key is that overlaying Evolution upon a literal interpretation of scripture does not result in overlapping days.

 What happened on Day 5 ? He specifically named sealife and birds. "Sealife" includes whales
 According to the estimations of evolution proponents, Whales appear around 45 Ma, and 'evolved' from land mammals that precede those named in Day 6
 On Day 6, God let cattle, creeping things, and beasts, 'evolve' according to their kind...

 There are two keys to understanding that I would support with one being a sequence key (Day: 5th -and- Day: 6th), the other being specific mention of "kinds" of life that were separated out (myin). My thought is that boundaries were place where one 'kind' would produce like kind and nothing else. Science has no tool in its box to see this.

I am not Barbarian, but I have finally been banned from I don't know for sure if Barbarian is a Christian, or just pretending to be in order to stick around and educate people about Evolution without getting banned.

My main point that I find extremely exciting is this:

We here at WhyWontGodHealAmputees can create a new forum category. It could be called "" or something. We could create threads entitled something like, "Poll: Who Feels That Barbarian Is Actually A Christian". Then, we can have our usual intelligent debates amongst ourselves.

Or, we can post some Christian idiot's post from and respond honestly, without fear of asshole, Christian moderators.

I say, if implemented, that this will be the most visited forum category in our catalogue.

What do you think?
Enough with your bullshit.
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Re: We Need A New Category!!!
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2013, 06:55:02 AM »
NO, change is bad. ;)
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