Author Topic: We should put forth new guidelines on debate and responding to questions, etc.  (Read 817 times)

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In the past, I exited rather rudely and ridiculously trying to prove a point to the rest of you.

Some forum admins were aware of what I was doing.  The message was simple - all of us have an opinion, and while it matters, opinions are like a--holes - everybody has their own.

Now I've been spending my time researching economies and different types of societies, and promoting ideas.  I needed to concentrate on other movements rather than just atheist-related things.  But I'm a horrible writer, so you can see why I have a hard time convincing people of things.

The problem I wanted to point out to you was that we argue over everything - never one side conceding their opinion to the other, but always wanting to voice their opinion.  That implies closed-mindedness and I should remind you that most of us become atheist because we approached the topic of religion with an open mind.  Therefore, we should approach other areas with an open mind as well.  Because in the past topic, which was whether or not a pedophile deserves the death penalty, we pointed out numerous citations, facts, and debate on whether or not they deserve such a punishment.  Morality would tell you that if you commit a crime, you should at most get equal punishment for that crime.  Sadly, we cannot even agree on what equal punishment might be, and we had to remind many that the United States is among the very few developed countries that still advocates the death penalty. 

Now, I think in understanding that, we should all try to - when we respond to people questioning their religion - provide further facts and information to point people in the right direction.  If we want to have debates, fine.  But if the parties debating don't learn anything from the debate, what was the point?  That's why we should make it clear that we are trying to help people understand not only atheism, why religion is negative or harmful, why most religions are cults, but also that as atheists we still have human respect and morality. 

In other words, we still have human rights, and human needs.  If you want to drive for atheism, it should follow a wise pattern of spreading information and educating people - not bashing people.  If we want to have debate about something like pedophiles, we should note information from other nations that have tried different things, instead of just relying on our feelings and emotions on the subject.  Burn, baby, burn is an old and tiring montra - and that is exactly why I left to turn my attention on other things.

Now I'm back on here, waiting and buying time because I'm currently unemployed (YAY!).   haha.  Our economy sucks, sadly.  Our economic and societal situation around the globe looks more and more dire every month that passes.  That's what I noticed a year ago that I needed to turn my attention to.  But it required a lot of down voting from you all to try to prove a point that I would have been better off noting just like I did here.  Sometimes when I am testing people, however, I like it to be more REAL.  That is why sometimes I can act a nut online.  It's just to try and find out for real what your opinions are, that's all.

Now I think it should be the goal and objective for all of us, coming from various backgrounds, to use this forum more as an educative and collaborative forum.  After all, the point is to get somewhere - to go somewhere, and reach common ground.  So let's please start spreading the news of the different things we have researched.  In this age, we have infinite amounts of knowledge.  Collectively, we could do some really amazing things in our societies.  But time is running short - unless you don't believe in global warming....

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The problem I wanted to point out to you was that we argue over everything - never one side conceding their opinion to the other.....

I disagree.   ;)

Seriously though, I agree with what you're saying - but to be honest, in the debates with believers I've had/witnessed, the issue is not the lack of facts, at least from our side.  It's the lack of facts (and the ever-shifting opinions) of the other side that is the biggest obstacle.
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