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« on: July 04, 2013, 10:23:28 AM »
........[Tsering Tashi] ate an early breakfast with his wife and his parents in the house they shared in a village near Amchok, a historically Tibetan township in China’s Gansu Province. Then he took the family herd—most of the animals were dzomos, female yak-cow hybrids prized for their milk yield—to frozen grasslands nearby.

 He was twenty-two years old and an accomplished horseman, and his family was well respected locally. Tashi watched the animals graze for a few hours, then went home around noon, leaving the herd in the care of friends.

It was a frigid, overcast day. Tashi told his mother that he wanted to wear a traditional Tibetan cloak, or chuba. “You should wear a nice thick one,” she said. She asked if Tashi would like to join her for lunch, but he said that he needed to get back to work.

Tashi stopped to see his friends and asked if they would look after his animals a little longer. “I have to go into town,” he said. “There’s something I need to do there.” He seemed to be carrying something heavy in the folds of his chuba, but they didn’t ask what it might be.

When Tashi got to the main square of Amchok, he took a container from his cloak, doused his clothes in gasoline, and set himself alight.

He had wrapped wire around his limbs, apparently to insure that the fuel-soaked clothing would stay in place. As flames engulfed his body, he fell to the ground. Then he got up and ran, darting away from some Chinese police he saw on the road. Finally, he collapsed again, the flames sweeping this way and that in the wind. As his clothes turned to ash, Tashi managed to raise his arms and bring his hands together in a final gesture of Buddhist prayer.

 Unfortunately, this good article in the New Yorker is not yet free, but shows how many self immolations are going on in Tibet due to the frustrations against the Chinese government.  We had a thread awhile ago about militant Buddhists, and these actions by Tibetan monks, farmers, students, and nuns, are another story that doesn't always get the press it should.

"An hour-long documentary that explores the causes behind the 119 self-immolations known to have taken place in Tibet since 2009" :
IMO, it is the ongoing story on whether forced assimilation of cultures is wise or unwise. 
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Re: Fire
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Never understood the logic there?  How is this suppose to make the Chinese say, "Gee, we should leave this land".
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Re: Fire
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Never understood the logic there?  How is this suppose to make the Chinese say, "Gee, we should leave this land".

I would also like to find out. I remember reading something about that, but I can't remember what.
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