Author Topic: I think theists want to believe in their own delusions  (Read 8765 times)

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Re: I think theists want to believe in their own delusions
« Reply #58 on: June 21, 2013, 10:27:51 PM »
I had thought about posting my own thread that had a similar bent as this, but I'll post here instead.

I work for the Salvation Army and my immediate coworker and supervisor is really the only one there who knows I am an atheist.  He is a very devout evangelical Christian, but he respects me and will not try and change my beliefs.

The other week after having watched the first America's Got Talent I commented to him about a guy on it who seemed to be some kind of meditating guru and it was hard to figure out what his talent was.  He shuffled onstage and sat on the floor making weird noises and the crowd was booing and hooting.  Judge Howard Stern buzzed him.  Then out of nowhere the guy just levitated in a sitting position with one hand still on the staff at his side (he obviously could not support himself like that with one hand).  The crowd then went nuts and Stern took back his X and the judges sent him on to the next round in Vegas.

I commented on telling about it to my coworker that it had to be magic and there was a trick, but that most people just enjoyed being fooled after which I added without even thinking about it--just like religion.  Religious people want to be fooled by their faith and it's the spoilsport evil atheists who insist on exposing and explaining how the trick was done.  Theists unquestionably accept the illusion/delusion of their religion and live their lives accordingly.
It's like people who believe professional wrassling is real, only more dangerous and annoying, and not in the least entertaining.

If you were such a fool you could have said so and would be speaking from experience rather than ignorance.  But likely you know 100's of people who consider themselves religious and I doubt you consider them all fools.  Could it be your fooling yourself into thinking such thoughts about your friends and family, even though you don't actually think them fools?