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Cant think! wont think!
« on: June 20, 2013, 05:14:57 AM »
I put this in chatter as it did seem the right place.

We get a few theists that come here, ignorant of there bible ignorant of life, etc.. Who make blanket statements without even thinking, say things that are so foolish they are an affront to the very people who are born with brain defects.   

I received a PM from one such theist, because he did not like the negative karma he received from me, he referred to me as a "theist hater" I replied with "Theist hater no!
A man however who does not use his mind, is a insult to humanity.

The reason I gave the negative karma was he didn't think when he spoke, he just blurted out the usual rubbish, and then he claimed there was no error in what he had said.

Generally the theist that come here are fun to talk to.
But it's those that do not think about what they say, that insult me and every critical thinking human with the ability to think. and those that can't, they insult more.

My question to you is how does this sort of thing make you feel?
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Re: Cant think! wont think!
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2013, 01:11:58 PM »
I've observed the same behavior, and occasionally called the offending party's attention to it. Almost always they ignore it or brush it aside.

I find that irritating, because I try to keep my own sloppy thinking to a minimum and acknowledge mistakes when others here point them out to me. I've apologized to theists and atheists alike on this forum for not reading their posts closely enough.

Beyond that, when someone makes a statement that reveals great ignorance, I have to wonder how much that impacts their daily life, and the lives of others. For instance, when SkyWriting blithely says this...

Children do not suffer when they drown.  It's physiology.  They spend the most critical months of their lives, learning and developing in fluid.  When they are thrown in water they are pleased to be under it.

... I'm appalled and concerned for any child that might fall under his / her care. We've had other believers assert that gravity is insufficient to form stars and planets, therefore goddidit!

That level of ignorance is really inexcusable from people, no matter their age, who can use the internet. I can only conclude that it's by their own choice, and hope that they're a minority. As the world gets more interconnected and interdependent, we need people to be more informed and better at critical thinking, not less!
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