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Let's Talk About...
« on: May 24, 2013, 09:00:16 PM »
...particular types of hate.

I know that any human being can hate. I hate. You hate. We all hate something. People have stated that they don't hate, and they are liars. Everyone hates something. It could be something minuscule and it can be something gigantic. But we all hate something.

I hate 5 things. They are not minuscule things. They are gigantic things. The 5 things I hate:

1. Bigots/Bigotry. Its basic definition is: Treating someone different than you with contempt, and vile attitude.

The only people who like to be treated badly are probably just masochists.

We, as humans, do not tend to want to be treated badly but we do tend to treat certain people badly; usually for something they say or do rather than who they are. I do it. I sometimes treat people badly for what they say or, at times, what they do but never for who they are.

2. Sexists. A Sexist is defined as: A person who discriminates against another based on their gender.

I, in my opinion, have never treated another in such a way. I, being male, have said discouraging and/or insulting things toward females but not based on their gender. Only for what they say or do, not for who they are.

3. Racism. Racism is defined as: Superiority of one group over another group that deals with specific skin color or lineage/genetics.

I grew up around racism and many racists and I despised having to witness and/or hear many of the things I have. One race is no better than any other. We are all human, therefore we are all the same.

4. Prejudism[1]. Prejudism is defined as: Someone who prejudges someone or something without having enough knowledge of that person or thing to come to a stand with little to no conflict.

If you walk into the daylight blindfolded, you'll always be in the dark. We are all prejudiced to a point. But there's a difference from being prejudiced based on one's ignorance and being prejudiced based on knowledge already obtained.

5. Hate. Hate is defined as: Extreme dislike for something or someone. As I stated in the beginning: we all "hate" something; for me it's more the "thing" than anything else.


In saying all the above, I learned at a young age that some of these things are okay. I was told they were by people who were supposed to be role models; they even gave me a book and showed me that the book said it was okay. What book?

The King James Version of the Bible. And you know what? They were right. It said I could be all those things. I stopped being a Christian at that moment. The Bible teaches people to hate; and not in minuscule ways but in gigantic ways. And I learned on many other religions, they teach the same thing.  Religion creates hatred.

I still hate but I am an atheist, in part, because I don't want to.

 1. Technically not a real word but it should be.
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Re: Let's Talk About...
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2013, 10:16:27 PM »
Hate is an incredibly strong emotion, and I try to save mine for those extra-special people/situations/conditions that I sometimes have to face. I'm not going to waste it on a bad TV show, an ignorant evangelist or a politician just because he is a member of my less favorite party. The few individuals I've known that have earned such contempt are few and far between, and each was defined by his or her selfishness and sense of self-importance, both of which were over the top.

And though I use hate to define how I feel about the fact that humans can't get their act together and behave intelligently, it would more accurate to say that I am disappointed, because I haven't had the expectation that people would be otherwise since I was eight or nine.

So yes, those that blatantly exhibit or sneakily practice bigotry, sexism, racism, prejudice and/or hate are on my list. But until they shoot/stab/maim others because of their ignorance, I'm willing to cut them a tiny bit of slack and feel slightly less belligerent about their state of mind. Because we humans are seldom capable of rising above all of our shortcomings. And knowing humans as I do, were we ever to cleanse ourselves of such problems, we'd all hate it that everybody was so frickin' perfect.
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Re: Let's Talk About...
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2013, 11:43:31 PM »
"...but on a lighter note, demons were driven from a pig today in Gloucester."  Bill Bailey

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