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« on: August 27, 2016, 10:05:03 AM »

By broadening the Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument from almost 87,000 square miles to more than 490,000 square miles, Obama has protected more acres of federal land and sea by executive power than any other president in at least 50 years and makes the area off-limits to commercial fishing.

What a horribly short-sited lying satanic President who is only interested in ruining the planet.     &)

Really, in the ridiculous news cycle we get over and over, some things never get the thanks they deserve - just keep the "Bundy" fisherman out of the area

Edit, sorry looks like to read article must let washington  post into your email
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Re: Papahanaumokuakea
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had no problem in getting to the link without having to do anything.

I think most people attacking Obama aren't too concerned with the planet.   They are sure that their lily white asses will be raptured.
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