Author Topic: APA Study Shows that people distrust Atheists, but less "disgusting than gays".  (Read 5131 times)

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I would bet cash money that the most outspoken men against gay males, are far less concerned about gay females when it comes to the sexual activity.  After all, who doesn't like to see a little female on female action?

*aims shotgun*

Uh, me. I ain't homo(or lesbian)phobic, what two consenting adults do is their own private friggin business. I just find the whole concept so. Damn. Hypocritical. I mean, the wholly babble DOES say (somewhere) that women are not to lay with women but that part is conveniently left out. Like shellfish and polycotton socks.
You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Some of the most ardent atheists I know personally are also gay.  Double whammy for them, that's for sure!

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nat - yeah, I know there are exceptions!

But in general, the hypocrisy of many men regarding homosexual behavior is stunning when it comes to woman on woman sexual activity.  Rather than disgust them, it makes them super horny - the fantasy of "joining in" enters their prehistoric brains.

Now, cut to two women raising a family, and these go all hyper-anti-gay for some stupid reason.  Making stupid claims about how two women cannot possibly provide a stable environment for a child without an actual father figure (one with a real penis and deep voice, who loves sports and guns and sci-fi films).