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Segregated Proms
« on: April 26, 2013, 06:50:58 AM »
Wow! I had no idea that such a thing still existed. I heard of a few schools in the South that no longer sponsor proms because they didn't want to integrate them, but I had no idea that any schools still had segregated proms.

AJC: How can a segregated prom still exist?

Of course, the segregated proms are not sponsored by the school system but rather by parents who, to be gracious, have outmoded ideas of social responsibility ... but the idea that they still exist is shocking to me. I wish the article would go into more detail about why it is only now that an integrated prom sponsored by current students is finally occurring.

Some additional information about Wilcox County HS proms: Wilcox County High School’s first integrated prom

Wayne McQuinty:
Wilcox County does not have, and has never had, two separate homecoming courts. Immediately after integration we, like many other counties, did have a black and a white queen, but that ended nearly 20 years ago.

Wow, it only took them until 1994(?) to integrate their homecoming courts? Oh, my. We should applaud their progress!

No student has ever been forcibly removed by law enforcement from any Wilcox County prom.

Is that because blacks never show up? Or is it because Billy Bob and his camo-wearing crew take care of business?

Most proms are not even held in our county due to lack of an adequate facility.

That speaks volumes ...   Um, my high school held our prom in the gymnasium. I guess WCHS doesn't have one of those? They don't have a field where they can put a tent and a wood floor? How about a barn like in Flashdance?  Yee-haw!

Students of African-American and Hispanic heritage have attended both proms in the past, and no student was denied the opportunity to purchase a ticket to either prom this year.

Okay, but that belies the headline of a segregated prom? Does that mean you are denying the whole story?

If anyone could attend either prom at will, why have two proms?

IBT: Segregated Prom At Wilcox County High School: Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal Controversial Statement Calls Effort 'Silly Publicity Stunt'

The governor couldn't clear up the issue?  Really?

CNN: 'New tradition' for Georgia students: Their first racially integrated prom

Is CNN wrong? Wouldn't be the first time, but it doesn't sound like they're wrong. So, is Wayne McQuinty implying that the white Wilcox County prom has occasionally invited a non-white student to attend? If so, which people of color were invited to the white prom? When? How often does this occur? Pics or it didn't happen.

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Re: Segregated Proms
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2013, 09:45:40 AM »
A year or 2 back a church in the south refused to marry a black couple who attended the church.  But, yeah, it seems really strange in today's world to still have a split prom.  Maybe the black athletes should not play for the school.  Bet that will change things.
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