Author Topic: Belgian jihadists in Syria  (Read 812 times)

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Belgian jihadists in Syria
« on: April 18, 2013, 09:01:46 AM »
For a few weeks now, we've been getting stories in the news of young (often recently converted) muslims "spontaneously" heading to Syria to join the fight. You might assume they're joinging the side of the rebels, except, Syria ain't that simple anymore, there is no 'rebels'. It's Loyalists vs freedom fighters vs Jihadists and guess what, these Belgian muslims are of course joining the Jihadists.
All these young men (some as young as 16) suddenly answering the call of their brothers in need? There was more to it than that. Seems that the officially disbanded Sharia4Belgium is behind it. They converted and/or recruited these kids (sometimes collecting them from the local Psych ward), trained them in the Ardennes and in warehouses in Antwerp and shipped them off piecemeal as to make it seem spontaneous. In fact, some legitilatly 'inspired' muslims tried to go to Syria but were stopped, presumably by associates of S4B at the Turkish border. They only was suitably brainwashed canonfodder.
Another detail that recently surfaced is that the Belgian Jihadists were promised wives for joining the fight. Ans indeed, reports have filtered back of marriages having taken place ... quite a shock for the wives they left behind in Belgium, but hey, up to four wives is ok, right?
A Brussels imam tried to go to Syria to bring some of these boys back but he got arrested by the Jihadists and is presumed executed.
So far, the death of only one Belgian jihadist has been reported ... so it might be the case that these boys are used behind the front lines as enforcers, rather than as actual combat troops.

Islam, such a peaceful religion.
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Re: Belgian jihadists in Syria
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2013, 12:55:02 PM »
Islam, such a peaceful religion.

Let's keep in mind that USA, an overwhelmingly 'Christian' nation, is sending CIA, covert troops, mercenaries, 'assets,' and large amounts of arms and money into Syria via various factions that we favor, thus adding fuel to the fire.

And Israel, and overwhelmingly Jewish nation, is similarly arming and supporting factions and fighters in Syria.

Not that I don't think Islam isn't inherently is. 

But so are Christianity and Judiasm, and I don't like non-stop Islamiphobia which has beset USA for the last 12 clouds the thinking. 

Islamiphobia and Anti-Muslim bigotry provide the USA with excuses for imperialist incursions and violence in other countries.  We should be education ourselves regarding this BS, so as to be able to resist it.