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Re: Prove this wrong, please. [#2731]
« Reply #29 on: March 28, 2013, 02:14:54 PM »
Why, at the end, did the professor sit down?

There was loads of shit to pull apart there! ;)
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Re: Prove this wrong, please. [#2731]
« Reply #30 on: March 28, 2013, 10:17:26 PM »
This is something I've always found curious about the story.  One would think that a pro-christian story would not allow the Big Bad Atheist BullyTM to get in so many good points.  I wonder if this story came out because the author was struggling with his/her faith.  That would explain why the Hero ChristianTM was unable to answer so many of BBAB's points, and could only argue "Faithfaithfaith!"

My guess is, the author was just trying to write a story that lead to a narrative climax.  Oh no, the BBAB is winning!  But wait--here comes the Final Boss, like Mighty-Mouse, to save the day!  Yaaaaay, Christianity wiiiins!  The author's own cognitive biases and automatic tendency to 'La la la la laaaaa, I can't hear you!' past an atheist argument, not to mention the armor of god, was most likely enough to convince him[1] that Christianity totally kicked ass.  I very much doubt that he went back to check over the score.  The same thing goes for the person who forwarded it, who was so overawed by how "perfect" an argument for "God" it is.  Inside their little cognitive bubble, the Christian characters who say "I just have faith" are saying something beautiful and moving and spiritually strong, not abandoning the field in humiliating defeat.

One other thing I noticed: whenever the boss Christian made a "strong" argument, Professor Strawman kept thinking to himself, over and over again, 'this was going to be a great semester, a great semester indeed.'  IOW, the strawman atheist liked having his ideas challenged.  A strawman priest or preacher (and probably a whole lot of real ones) in his position would be getting angrier and angrier.  So in my scoring in my previous post, Professor Strawman probably ought to get a bonus point for his valuation of open inquiry as opposed to the imposition of dogma.

Hmm.  Now that I think about it, it does make me wonder.  If a Christian can get to the point of being able to portray a sympathetic atheist character in debate with Christians, even if s/he has the Christians win, is that Christian getting close to being able to break out of the trap? 
 1. I'm guessing the author's a "him" because of the default=male writing in the story.
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Re: Prove this wrong, please. [#2731]
« Reply #31 on: March 29, 2013, 07:06:15 AM »
I'll prove it wrong: Original Author doesn't have the balls or brains to ever respond to any of the above objections. Case closed.

An Omnipowerful God needed to sacrifice himself to himself (but only for a long weekend) in order to avert his own wrath against his own creations who he made in a manner knowing that they weren't going to live up to his standards.

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Re: Prove this wrong, please. [#2731]
« Reply #32 on: March 29, 2013, 06:18:06 PM »
Those stories are so annoying. I would be so fired if I acted like the "atheist professor" insulting and embarassing and demeaning the students in my classes like that. The stereotype of the preening, arrogant college professor scoring points off his students is not even close to the reality of teaching today.

Aside from the complete bullsh!t about god and monkeys and heat. I am disappointed that the teacher didn't drop his chalk[1] and run out of the room-- oh that's the other story where the soldier kicks the teacher's a$$. And is charged for assault and thrown in jail after being forced to pay damages to the professor. The end.
 1. Who uses chalk these days? Well, I do, but Powerpoint rules in most modern college classrooms
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Re: Prove this wrong, please. [#2731]
« Reply #33 on: April 17, 2013, 04:50:37 AM »
I found this short story whose aim is to prove that God is real. Can you please write as to why this is illogical?

I don't need to read your story to do that. In fact, any one with some basic logical abilities doesn't need this story to prove that your god is illogical.

I won't read your story because I am sure that it is some form of apologetic drivel that has either been shuttled around the internet in the form of forwarded emails or posted to Facebook with some smarmy graphic of a hand reaching down to someone in need, or footprints in the sand next to the beach or some shining star behind some disastrous event ... I've seen it all before. A river of drivel.

Instead of asking us to prove why your god is illogical, why aren't you able to prove why your god is logical? Are you admitting that you are bereft?

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