Author Topic: Couple things - socialism and Vietnam / smart gun technology / Statue of Liberty  (Read 574 times)

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 Watching amazing race (yeah, &) ), hearing this Vietnamese national song made me wonder if people would call the outcome in Vietnam "losing" the war?   The comments about socialism are lighting up chatrooms and blogs today I guess.  That should anger some McCarthyismisticants.

Another thing is an interesting NPR piece on smart gun technology.

The third thing is a reference on the Diane Rehm show today showing how congress never changes.

But he was certainly someone generally who supported the rights of unions, supported the rights of immigrants. You know, it was due to Joseph Pulitzer that we even have the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. You know, the French had built this statue. The U.S. Congress was supposed to allocate money to build the base for this statute and refused to do it. And there was no place to put the statue.

And Joseph Pulitzer decided this was no good. And so he led a campaign in the pages of the World to raise money to build the base of the Statue of Liberty. And from the pennies and the nickels and the times sent in to him by the immigrant readers of the World they, in a very short matter of time, raised the money to build the statue. And the fact that the Statue of Liberty was out there was really a symbol of the burgeoning power, not just of immigrants but of the press.
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