Author Topic: Drifting contrails merge in display of water vapor at 11!  (Read 1087 times)

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An Omnipowerful God needed to sacrifice himself to himself (but only for a long weekend) in order to avert his own wrath against his own creations who he made in a manner knowing that they weren't going to live up to his standards.

And you should feel guilty for this. Give me money.

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"The Pope asked to pray for him," commented Facebooker Cat Sunn. "God answered."
Nice.  When the Pope asks for prayers, we get balloon animals in the sky.  It's like god almost gave a damn, for a moment there.

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Small world. This guy was photographed yesterday outside a WalMart. I'm assuming from that look of awe on his face that he thinks he is seeing an angel.

Edit: Photo removed. I was in a terrible mood and I shouldn't have posted it, even though it was taken in public. I was away from my computer but started thinking that my posting it made me about as disgusting as the person pictured. Or as sick. Whichever is more applicable. Anyone who really wants to see it can PM me and I'll send it to you. Otherwise, i apologize.

He may well be Facebooker Cat Sunn.

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They showed a pic the other day of a lightning bolt hitting the top of the Vatican the day Pope Benny announced he was quiting.  God must have been pissed then.  Now He is making cloud angels.
Yo, put that in your pipe and smoke it.  Quit ragging on my Lord.

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Did no one notice what color it is?  How do they know it's not a demon celebrating the final triumph of Evil?  Mwa! Ha! Haaaaaa!
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